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We are a talented team of individuals with decades of experience across various industries offering project management consulting, websites design, and web application development.

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Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Cloudbreak, where websites shimmer like coral reefs and web apps dance with the luminescent glow of bioluminescent creatures! We're not your average tech crew; we are the sandcastle architects, the mermaid coders, the wizards of digital wonder who breathe life into your wildest tech dreams.

Think your website's more of a sun-bleached beach pebble than a polished seashell? We'll transform it into a masterpiece of coral and chrome, catching the sunlight and dazzling every passing fish. Project bogged down in murky depths of tangled code? Don't worry, our polychromatic fish-whisperers will navigate the currents, untangle the mess, and guide it to sparkling success.

At Cloudbreak, we're not just building tech and managing projects – we're crafting underwater paradises. We're the seaweed sculptors, the kelp forest designers, the creators of user experiences that make you want to pirouette with the playful seahorses and sing with the technicolor coral choirs. So, grab your mask and snorkel, and let's explore the vibrant depths together. We'll build sandcastles that touch the clouds, weave stories with seaweed, and make your tech dreams sparkle like buried treasure. Welcome to the ocean paradise, where anything is possible – radiant spirit, limitless growth!


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This, is Cloudbreak. We craft breathtaking web designs and steer projects to success, ensuring your online paradise rises from vision to reality, both beautiful and on time.

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Website Development

Beyond pixel-perfect design, we build intelligent sites that captivate users and drive engagement. Your brand deserves a website that shines. We craft digital experiences that ignite your business.

Project Management

Whether scaling a mountain of data or planting a community garden, we bring order to chaos with proven methodologies and unwavering dedication. We're your trusted partner, ready to tackle any challenge, big or small.

Website Audit

Our comprehensive website audit dives deep into your site's performance, uncovering areas for improvement. Get a clear roadmap for success with a detailed report packed with actionable steps you can implement yourself, no coding required!


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Engineer by schooling. Project Manager by profession. Constant learner. Dedicated to continuous improvement.

Charlie is a certified Project Management Professional who brings over a decade of project management experience to our team. He and his family reside in Maine and he leverages his passion for improvement in his professional and personal life.

Professionally, Charlie has experience across various industries: defense contractor, steel manufacturing, higher education tech, eCommerce, Salesforce CPQ, corporate and small business web development.

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